Uzermak Gida End. Mak. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Sector: Exhibitor
Hall: 38 | Stand: 38.10.01

Product Description

UZERMAK Cooker& Cooler& Mixers are able to handle with different tasks such as mixing, heating, cooling, grinding, emulsifying, size reduction, direct or indirect cooking under vacuum, de-aerating (vacuum) and homogenizing. Uzermak CCMs can be used in many different applications with their all-in-one feature.
  • Filling of raw materials via opening of lid or via dosing valves.
  • Frequency controlled main motor for knives at the bottom (300-3000 rpm).
  • Motor and gear for scrapper arm.
  • Special bowl shape for effective mixing.
  • Product heating by injecting direct steam via steam nozzles.
  • Product heating up to 95 o C.
  • Product heating via double jacket.
  • Product cooling via double jacket.
  • Vacuum for de-aeration.
  • Discharging of the product via a discharge valve or by tilting the bowl.
  • Short batch times
  • Easy product feeding and emptying
  • Homogenous mixing and effective cutting
  • Configurable for many different applications
  • Complete product emptying (minimal losses)
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy cleaning
  • Very few manual operating procedures
  • Easy to integrate in a production line
  • Long-lasting machines
  • PLC controlled process
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